Clive Tucker Golf Testimonials

Clive Tucker Professional Golf Coach

  • Graeme McDowell says his best development as a putter came with the help of Clive Tucker, who also guided David Howell into the top 10 in the World in 2006.

    Graeme McDowell

    " David was probably the best putter in the World " McDowell said

    " I’ve always been a streaky, good putter, but I have worked very hard on it for the last 3 or 4 years. I’ve become more mechanically correct and with that hard work I’ve gotten better and better and better, I’ve become more consistent ".


  • David Howell

    " I decided to work with Clive Tucker in the Autumn of 2002, with a view to improving my ranking in world golf. This has been the best decision I have made as a professional golfer. "

    " Clive’s understanding of the fundamentals of the game of golf are second to none and with his help the last three years have been the most successful in my career to date. Not only has my swing become more simple(and thus more repeatable), my short game has improved too. The result is that in 2004 I achieved my lowest ever stroke average which is the true sign of improvement. Add to that a top ten place in the European Order of Merit, a Ryder Cup win and my best finish in a Major -11th in the US Masters, means that my decision to trust Clive with my golf game has certainly been the right one. "


  • Tom Shadbolt

    " Clive has greatly improved the mechanics of my swing and overall game."

    "The way I play the game has been simplified. I owe much to him and I feel that he has got me to where I am today...The Open 2011."


  • Bill Longmuir

    " Clive has the rare ability to diagnose and unravel any faults in a golf swing and effectively communicates the fixes enabling me to improve and develop as a player well into my seniors career. "

    Bill Longmuir

  • Mickey Walker

    " Clive Tucker and I worked together at the Warren Golf Club for over one year, during which time I observed him teaching golfers of all standards, from beginners to tournament professionals. With each pupil, whatever standard, he has an enthusiastic, pleasant manner with a wonderful sense of humour. "

    " On a personal level Clive has helped me a great deal with my own game and my teaching. Having had tuition from many top professionals such as David Leadbetter and John Jacobs, I can rate Clive as one of the top teachers around today. "

    Solheim Cup Captain Head Professional - The Warren Golf Club

  • " First and foremost Clive is extremely honest. He has huge experience, great communication skills, a very straightforward approach that has given me personally ‘big results’. The facts are that I was not playing the game to a decent standard, I was always the ‘big hitter’, now things are very different. If you work hard with Clive’s methods you will have big results, I understand why he is in such demand."

    " I know I have had a complete transformation of my game, this is from the heart. It’s very difficult to put into words how my emotions towards golf havechanged, it has always given me pain. Now it brings nothing but joy. With deepest thanks "

    Golf World Record Holder

  • Graeme McDowell

    " I've always said that I learn a lot from my down times and everyone has downtimes in their career. You have those moments of soul searching where you say to yourself: What am I doing? What am I trying to achieve? How am I going to go and get it ?. So obviously I put a great team together. Pete Cowen came along as my short game coach and Clive Tucker did great things with my golf swing. I really worked hard on my technique for a few years with Clive and when we parted company last year, my technique was there and it was all about getting myself back playing golf again".